Medical Financial Toxicity at a glance

Learn more about the key statistics driving financial insecurity among cancer patients nationally.

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annual cost of cancer treatment for many patients
0 %
Working age cancer survirors worry about paying their medical bills
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of patients were willing to declare bankruptcy for continued care

How is MFT Defined by experts?

[Medical Financial Toxicity] describes the acute, sub-chronic, and chronic burdens of insured, underinsured and uninsured people impaired or destroyed by the high costs of care.

MFT May Cause Patients not to take prescribed medicine

Some patients have reported skipping doses or taking less medicine than prescribed, to make their prescription last longer and save money. Patients have also reported not filling a prescription because of the cost.

The higher the copayment, the less likely patients are to take their medicine as directed.

MFT Leads to a lower quality of life

Studies have shown that patients who have financial toxicity reported having a lower quality of life, more symptoms, and more pain. One study showed that some patients felt financial toxicity was more severe than physical, emotional, social, or family distress.

MFT may lead to debt and bankruptcy

In one study, some cancer survivors reported the following problems related to financial toxicity: worrying about paying large bills related to cancer, going into debt, and filing for bankruptcy.