Lifetime Achievement award Recipients

SabesWings honors individuals who over the course over their lives or careers have made notable philanthropic and creative contributions towards helping the situations of cancer patients with a special Lifetime Achievement Award. 

Toby keith

2022 Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient

This year we are proud to award Toby Keith with our LifeTime Achievement Award. The Toby Keith Foundation has been helping children with cancer since 2006 and has streamlined its efforts around no-cost housing for children with cancer.¬† Visit his foundation’s website here.

Jay Johnson

2021 Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient

In 2021, the award was presented to West Coast President, Jay Johnson, of Republic National Distributing Company for the amazing support he demonstrated toward his wife, Dewi, during her battle with cancer. Jay exemplified excellent characteristics of balance, support and leadership throughout his career.

Honoring Generosity and creative Contributions