Before you Apply ...

SabesWings reviews all applications on the fourth week of every month. Upon receiving a completed application with supporting documents and bills, our team will reach out to schedule an over the phone interview with you. 

If you do qualify, grant allocation can be given as early as three weeks from approval. 

Learn more about the application process as well as get answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.


What documents will I need to provide for grant assistance?

Our grant team looks specifically at the cancer diagnosis with time-stamped documents of any current or past treatments, doctor notes, and any outstanding expenses. We may ask for income statements and proof of unemployment in the direct cause of medical needs, and or care.

How long does the grant approval process take?

Once both your application with supporting documents and the HIPAA form has been submitted, our team will contact you within 7 business days for an interview and the next steps. All bills must be verified before grant assistance can be provided.

Can my credit card debt be submitted for a payoff?

Although credit statements show debt, we do not reimburse the patient or credit card service. We pay only to the original collector (medical groups, gas company, loan company., etc ) or third-party collection group associated with the original bill.

What expenses are covered?

SabesWings covers but is not limited to paying: rent/mortgage, medical bills, electricity bills, propane/gas, car payments, and auto insurance.

Can I get a reimbursement for out-of-pocket expenses before a grant is given to the collector?

No. We pay the billing source directly.

How much assistance will I receive?

Grant amounts vary for each specific case.

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