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eligibility and Costs Covered

Find out if you qualify for aid from SabesWings and what particular costs are covered by our grants.

Does the location of my treatment impact my ability to receive aid?


SabesWings can only assist individuals who are receiving treatment in the United States.

What types of costs will my grant cover?

Your Grant Covers four different types of costs.

SabesWings will help you cover household expenses, medical bills, systemic drugs or intravenous, and miscellaneous diseases.
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Sabeswings Grants

Learn what to expect from the grants that SabesWings offers to its patients.

What will my first grant consist of?

The amount SabesWings offers is at the board's discretion.

This amount is based on a 12-month calendar, and a grant period lasts between 6 and 12 months.

What happens if I run out of grant money before my eligibility period expires?

You may reapply for a second grant.

If the original grant's total value has been used and there is still time left in the eligibility period, a recipient can apply for a second grant. If approved, they can use second grant funding during the remainder of the original eligibility period.

Can I apply for a grant renewal?

Recipients may apply for a grant Renewal.

If the grant period has ended or is about to end and more funding is needed, recipients can apply for a renewal grant. If a renewal grant is approved, a new year eligibility period begins.

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