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Medical Financial Toxicity is becoming more predominant as the medical industry explores viable alternative therapies to treat many diseases. MFT is defined as a severe issue for patients who cannot pay for medical bills after exhausting insurance or as a result of non-insurance. Resources become finitely diminished when a patient chooses between life-saving modalities and paying for everyday expenses. 

Bret and Kandace Saberhagen experienced this firsthand during Kandace’s breast cancer treatments. “There were therapies available to me that yielded great results with a plethora of supporting data, and they came with a hefty price,” Kandace noted. Insurance will not cover experimental drugs or therapies. Many therapies have been widely used worldwide and demonstrate extensive data. The auditing factors and reasons behind why specific medical procedures, treatments, and drugs that carry supporting data are not covered are unknown. 

Our Mission

A simple diagnosis can lead to a lifetime of worry, debt, and frustration. The forefront of any medical diagnosis should be treatment and support, not how a patient can afford care. Medical Financial Toxicities are economic burdens that plague patients, especially among many cancers. With the vast majority of nonprofit ventures giving to research efforts, it leaves little resource for the one entity in greatest need of support: the patient. Cancer is one of the most costly medical conditions to treat in the United States.  

SabesWings was developed with the patient in mind. After experiencing firsthand the costs of treatment, the resources available, and the lack of opportunities presented to patients who cannot afford their treatment, SabesWings wanted to be the voice, the lending hand, and the support for those in need.

The spirit of love, the gesture of kindness, the support of our wings lifting those in need when presented with fear. SabesWings was established to assist those suffering from financial medical toxicity because no patient should choose between treatment and everyday expenses.

Listen TO the voices of those who have been given hope

“This foundation is born of the pain and the strength of its founders. Their only agenda is to help people. They showed true compassion, treating me, a stranger, as if I was the most important person they know. I searched hundred of similar foundations, and I don’t wish this statement to malign any of them, but none will ever, in my heart, compare to SabesWings. I believe that one day this foundation will be known by the masses, as others are. They helped me so much, not just financially but emotionally. I was at my lowest point, trying to deal with a devastating diagnosis, and all that comes with it, and SabesWings rode in and eased my burdens. They are true WARRIORS.”
- Kathy Kelly

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